Former NCP Chief Minister, secretary plead not guilty in bribery case | Daily News

Former NCP Chief Minister, secretary plead not guilty in bribery case

Former North Central Province Chief Minister S. M. Ranjith Samarakoon and his private secretary Shanthi  Chandrasena declared before the Colombo High Court that they are innocent of charges over a corruption case filed against them.

The case was filed against them on bribery charges for illegally obtaining a fuel allowance worth over Rs.2 million.The case was taken up before Colombo High Court Judge Adhithya Patabendige. The case will be taken up again on December 14.

The Bribery Commission had filed indictment against accused Ranjith Samarakoon and his Secretary comprising eight charges for taking action to give an undue profit to the private secretary while acting as the Chief Minister of the North Central Province between 2012 and 2014.

The case was filed by the Bribery Commission on charges of embezzlement, including obtaining Rs. 2,680,528.10 from a fuel order while the fuel allowance was paid, and inciting government officials to do so.

The defendants, who declared themselves innocent of the eight indictments presented by the Bribery Commission, including being a government employee, wrongfully and illegally causing losses to the government, had told the court through their lawyer that this case was a false case that was maliciously assigned for political reasons.


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