‘Lotus Tower has potential to earn revenue for the country’ | Daily News

‘Lotus Tower has potential to earn revenue for the country’

Patriotic United National Party President Sugath Hewapathirana said that Lotus Tower is an icon of the country.

Although some politically motivated people have expressed different opinions regarding Lotus Tower, it is a valuable resource for the country, he said.

Pointing out that the Tower can be used as a resource to uplift the country’s economy, he said measures should be taken towards achieving that goal.

Hewapathirana stated this at a press conference held on Wednesday in Battaramulla.

Speaking further, he pointed out that towers like the Lotus Tower have been built in many countries and this is the first time Sri Lanka has done this in its 2,500-year history. It has been opened to the public for viewing for the last 15 days, but some people are campaigning through social media against it. Hewapathirana said that it is a place that provides entertainment and that it is currently overseen by a company. However, Lotus Tower can be used as a symbol of Sri Lanka in the future.

“Although there are some challenges facing the country, we have the tallest building in South Asia,” he said.

If the resources available in our country are utilized properly, Sri Lanka has the potential to become a beautiful land in the future, he said. He further stated that in this situation, we should not look at everything from the political angle, but unite to rebuild the country.


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