Overtime cost Railways Rs.2,300 mn last year - Minister | Daily News

Overtime cost Railways Rs.2,300 mn last year - Minister

Of the Rs.2,600 mn revenue made by the Railway Department last year, Rs.2,300 mn had to be paid for overtime payments of its employees, Transport and Mass Media Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardena told the House yesterday (22). For payments of salaries, the Railway Department had paid Rs.7,000 mn and the train fare was doubled, Minister Gunawardena noted.

Minister Dr. Gunawardena made these observations joining the debate on Sri Lankan Rupavahini Corporation (Amendment) Bill yesterday (22).

“Income of the Railway Department is Rs. 2.6 bn. The Department pays Rs. 2.3 bn for overtime payments. Rs.7 bn for salaries. How can we maintain a system like this? That is why we increased fares. If we cannot manage expenses in accordance to the revenue, we will end up in a mess. Sri Lanka is the only country that pays 80% of its tax revenue as salaries.” Dr. Gunawardena pointed out.



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