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No toxins in Thriposha stocks released now - Chairman

‘Thriposha’ stocks currently in circulation throughout the country are safe to consume for pregnant mothers, Sri Lanka Thriposha Limited Chairman Deepthi Kularathne assured yesterday.

He gave this assurance in response to the controversial statement made by the Public Health Inspectors’ Union chief Upul Rohana who stated that Thriposha stocks dispatched to several areas have been identified with the carcinogenic aflatoxin.

Kularathne said several Thriposha samples tested before August this year had been found with aflatoxin above the permitted amount and therefore, those stocks had been recalled with immediate effect. However, the stocks that are in circulation at present have not been found with this substance, he added. Aflatoxin is a carcinogen mostly found in maize, which is the main raw material used in the production of Thriposha along with soy beans, milk powder, vitamins and minerals.

The targeted beneficiaries of this nutrition supplement are pregnant mothers, breast-feeding mothers, infants over six months of age and pre-school children below five years of age who are suffering from malnutrition. The permitted amount of aflatoxin for infants below one year is one Part per Billion while for mothers it is 30 Parts per Billion, he added.




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