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Rs.10,000 allowance for 61,000 low-income families

Funds disbursed to relevant Ministries and Departments

The Treasury yesterday declared that money has already been disbursed to the relevant Ministries and Departments to implement the proposal made in the Interim Budget to provide a monthly allowance of Rs.10,000 to a low-income families affected by the economic crisis.

“It was proposed to provide this allowance to 61,000 low-income families every four months from this month until the end of the year. It is estimated that the number of families that require this allowance may increase further,” a senior Treasury official said.

The President, as the Minister of Finance presented the Interim Budget which included the Government’s revenue and expenditure estimates for the last four months to Parliament on August 30 and stated that a number of welfare programmes will be implemented.

Accordingly, it was proposed to give an allowance of Rs.10,000 for the next four months to those affected by the current economic situation. Rs.46,600 Mn has been allocated from the Interim Budget to implement that proposal.

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