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'Nutri Bar' to be released to market soon

Biscuit is highly nutritious and good for children:

A new biscuit product called 'Nutri Bar', which can be given to schoolchildren, will be released to the market by Sri Lanka Triposha Ltd (SLT) within the next few days, Sri Lanka Triposha Ltd Chairman Deepti Kularatne said.

He also said that test researches have already confirmed that this biscuit is highly nutritious and is very beneficial for children. SLT Chairman further said that 'Nutri Bar' biscuits are manufactured by adding butter, sugar etc. to the Triposha mixture.Refuting the recent allegations which claimed that the ‘Thriposha’ distributed among newborn babies and mothers contain the carcinogen called Aflatoxin.

This lie has been spread in society targeting this new product that is about to be introduced in the market. He said that SLT, which is a Government agency, would be able to make a good investment for the country by introducing this new type of biscuit to the market.

"The people of this country will be able to buy this biscuit product, which does not contain sweeteners or solvents, at a very reasonable price compared to the biscuit products available in the market," he added.


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