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Two criminals wanted by SL arrested in Tamil Nadu

Two criminals wanted in connection with various cases in Sri Lanka were arrested by Tamil Nadu police and lodged in Puzhal Jail.

They were wanted for murder, robbery and human trafficking.

Due to the economic crisis in Sri Lanka, since March 22, Sri Lankan Tamils from various parts of have reached Tamil Nadu as refugees via Dhanushkodi and are being accommodated in the Mandapam refugee camp.

In this case, on August 21, after receiving information that eight people belonging to two families had reached the Indian coast, the Coast Guard rescued the Sri Lankans and handed them over to the Marine Police.

In the investigation conducted by the Sri Lankan security officials about the persons who escaped to Tamil Nadu, it was discovered that one of the persons, Chandrakumar from Kilinochchi district had broken into a famous jewellery shop and robbed it. It was also discovered that he was out on bail in connection to crimes of human trafficking and murder.

Another person, identified as Kirupakaran from Jaffna district is also accused of murder and is wanted in Sri Lanka. Following this, the Sri Lankan security officials alerted the Tamil Nadu police that the two wanted criminals were living as refugees in Ramanathapuram district’s Mandapam refugee camp. A Sri Lankan court has issued a warrant for Indian officials to keep the two men under full surveillance and added that officials from Sri Lanka would come to India to arrest the two. Based on this, Chandrakumar and Kirupakaran were taken into custody and were lodged in Chennai’s Puzhal prison. (India Today)

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