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Three who robbed car cash advance arrested

Police have arrested three robbers who were fleeing together with the stolen money in a car, after threatening three youths from Mundalam came to Vavuniya Thandikulam on Thursday (29) with Rs. one million to pay an advance for the purchase of a car. The young man, a resident of Mundalam, had come to Vavuniya with his two friends in a car with the intention of buying a car according to an advertisement on the internet.

He had also brought one million rupees with him to confirm the deal.

The police said that the two parties met near the army welfare shop in Thandikulam, Vavuniya.

There, the young man from Mundalama, who came with the expectation of buying the vehicle,

had first checked the documents of the vehicle. Police said the transaction was rejected due to a problem regarding the car’s documents.

At that time, the people who were there to sell the car robbed the young man from Mundalam of Rs.1 million and fled in the same car they had come prepared to sell.

After the youths informed the Vavuniya police about it, police immediately took steps

to inform the surrounding police stations about the car in which the fleeing group was travelling.

Accordingly, the Nedunkerni police were able to trap these robbers on Oddusudan road.

Police said that the suspects who were fleeing after stealing the money were residents of

Kilinochchi. They are aged 22 and 21 years. Police said an issue has arisen with the car that was to be sold and an investigation has been started to find its rightful owner.

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