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Maid who tried to sell baby online sentenced to jail

A domestic worker who attempted to sell her own baby on social media for Dh12,000 has been sentenced to three years in prison by a Dubai court.  

The Indonesian woman, 35, sought to sell her newborn boy as she “needed money”, the Dubai Criminal Court heard. She worked with two female accomplices, a compatriot and another from Sri Lanka, in an effort to find a buyer. The Sri Lankan woman, 45, advertised the child, who was two months old at the time, for sale in an online post made in February of this year. Dubai Police set up a string operation after receiving information about the plot. An undercover policewoman contacted the Sri Lankan woman and arranged to meet in Jumeirah for the purchase of the baby. She handed over the agreed fee to the woman, receiving the child in return.

“The baby was born out of wedlock. His mother wanted to sell him because she needed money,” said a Dubai Police officer in evidence. Police arrested the mother and the Sri Lankan woman, who told them of a third woman involved in the crime. ll three were convicted of human trafficking at a court hearing last week and were each jailed for three years and fined Dh4,000.

They were also sentenced to an additional month in jail and fined Dh1,000 for staying in the UAE illegally.

Judges said the child would be cared for in a shelter. The verdict is subject to appeal which must be lodged within 15 days. - UAE


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