Fraud by woman arrested at WTC may exceed Rs. 2000 Mn - CID | Daily News

Fraud by woman arrested at WTC may exceed Rs. 2000 Mn - CID

* CID identifies six actresses and models
* When investors asked money back they were threatened to expose videotapes
* Businessmens’ behaviour videotaped
* Businessmen were arranged close contacts with beautiful actresses and models
* Two popular actresses among them
* Actress have been paid Rs.500,000 – Rs. 1 million to discuss their sex lives with businessmen
The suspect Thilini  Priyamali with an Indian actress.
The suspect Thilini Priyamali with an Indian actress.

The woman who was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in connection with a fraud by running an office on the 34th floor of the World Trade Center (WTC) in Colombo Fort and received millions of rupees as investments from businessmen and professionals in various sectors, had been arranging close contact with actresses and models for them and videotaped them.

Further investigations have revealed that this scam has been going on for a long time by scaring the investors that they will be videotaped and made public.She has used several actors and actresses as well as models for this purpose. The CID has succeeded in clearly identifying six of these individuals from among them.

Two of them are very popular actresses.Investigations have revealed that these actresses and models were paid between Rs 500,000 and Rs 1 million for talking about their personal lives and sex lives with these businessmen and associating them very closely.

Criminal Investigation Department officials have found that she recorded these actions which arouses the emotions of the investors and shows it to the investors when they demand their investment money back and intimidate them.During investigations it was discovered that the woman had been carrying out this business with extremely precision planning and as a result a large number of persons who invested in her company, were not coming forward to submit complaints against her.

A top Police official said that a separate investigation team has been launched to investigate into the business that the woman was engaged in using actresses.Investigations have revealed that this woman does not run any businesses although she pretended to have six registered businesses as a group of companies belonging to her. However, she has been leading a luxurious life getting financial investments.

Investigations have revealed that a fuel company is among her portfolio of businesses.Investigations have revealed that people from different walks of life have been caught up in her fraud and most of them are unknown businessmen.”It has been found that she has been in close association with several members of the Security Forces, therefore receiving protection from them.

Apart from businessmen, lawyers, monks, artistes and a politician have also been duped by this woman,” Criminal Investigation Department sources said.A top CID official said that it has been found out through investigations conducted up to now, that the estimated amount of the fraud carried out by this woman exceeds Rs.1000 million. The official said that some people have shown reluctance to complain for fear of being caught by the income tax department and some of those who have complained have cited their actual investments.

It has become apparent to the CID that a politician who invested a sum of Rs. 800 million with this woman has complained that it was only Rs.100 million.It is said that an artiste who had invested Rs 150 million as well as a powerful political figure is prepared to complain to the CID in the upcoming days.

The Criminal Investigation Department has been receiving phone calls from a large number of people who were caught in her fraud following her arrest.

A top CID official said that if they too lodged complaints against the woman, the value of fraud would definitely exceed Rs. 2000 million. The CID revealed information that this particular woman had been taken into custody on seven previous occasions in connection with such frauds.Prior to the CID arresting her on October 5, the Negombo Police too had taken her into custody in July this year.

She has also been arrested by the Cinnamon Gardens Police in 2017, and on two occasions in 2018 and once by the Mirihana Police. She had been arrested on all occasions for fraudulent money transactions. The CID has found that she is involved in money fraud as a profession and has used her beauty as a tool to get close to the elite and carry out her scam.

The CID has received information that she had got down with a popular actress who has a role in a series of Indian dramas which has been dubbed and was being telecast over a local television channel and thrown a party at a Five-Star hotel. However, the CID has been unable to gather any evidence up to now, that she did get down with the Indian actress.

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