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SJB Govt. will ensure equal facilities for all schools - Sajith

A Government led by Samagi Jana Balawegaya will ensure that all the schools in the country have equal facilities to improve the English language and Information Technology skills of students, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa said yesterday (17).

Premadasa noted that only the privileged schools are able to provide English and IT education while most rural schools lag behind.

“Due to this reason, rural students have been discriminated against for generations,” Premadasa noted.

The Opposition Leader made these observations at an event held to donate a bus to Ratnapura Kolonna National School.Premadasa also noted that the new President attempted to introduce an English medium education system in the country, However, a leading Minister openly criticised and rejected the idea.

Premadasa pointed out that the children of the said Minister who opposed the idea are studying at international schools.

The Opposition Leader also pointed out that such persons want to subjugate the public by strengthening class differences. Premadasa said due to this issue, even within the job market, a clear class difference is established. 

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