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National Dangerous Drugs Control Board says

ICE drug spreading rapidly among girls through salons

Rapid increase in the number of drug addictions among the student community

Assistant Advisor of the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board (NDDCB) Lakmee Nilanka said that a lot of provable information has been reported that drugs including ICE (Crystal Methamphetamine) are spreading rapidly among girls through salons.

She said that it has been possible to identify an unprecedented trend from Kurunegala regarding the damage caused by salons, and also mentioned that she has told parents about this with great sadness.

She said this while participating in a programme regarding the role of parents in   liberating children from drugs, held at Saranath Vidyalaya in Kuliyapitiya on Saturday (28).

Due to the fact that there is a continuous rapid increase in the number of drug addictions among the student community, through various methods, the Kuliapitiya Excise Station had organised this programme to inform the parents of the children of these schools. She had the following to say as well.

“If your innocent children are obedient and listen to what you tell them, it is good. But if your child goes beyond a certain point and trusts and obeys society, there is a danger. We need to promote in children, life skills, how to make decisions, resolve conflicts, have self-understanding, manage emotions and how to move away from a place by saying no to things that are unknown and unnecessary. When making a decision, children should be trained to make decisions with the least harm and the most benefit. It is then that our children, will not be victims of not only drugs but other anti-social acts. Therefore, along with every skill, the child needs to develop the habit of saying “no” and rejecting bad things,” she said.

“When we talk to children who come to us, we get to know that certain wrong behaviours of parents have had an impact on children getting motivated to get involved in these situations. Either the father comes home drunk and quarrels with the mother or, the father is not satisfied with certain matters expected from the mother and creates conflicts with the mother by suspecting her. At the same time the other side of this also exists. Our own children who are going to take over our future are being crushed and affected by all these things. They have a great illusion that their comfort lies in drugs and they go after those drugs with the help of adults,” she said.

She commented on a topic raised by the parents who had gathered, about the popular ganja speech of the Minister Diana Gamage.

Cannabis is definitely a medicine. Your children will tell you that. However, in Ayurveda, Cannabis is not taken on its own at any time. Cannabis is used in medicine by extracting the chemical called THC from it. She said further that the use of ganja is a cause of asking for mental problems.

On this occasion, North Western Province Excise Assistant Commissioner Prabhath Jayawickrama, Kurunegala Excise Superintendent Tissa Kumara Rajapaksa, Kuliyapitiya Excise Officer-In-Charge Sampath Sirimanna also spoke and raised awareness among the parents, according to a request made by Kuliayapitiya Saranath College Principal Chaminda Randeni, at the college auditorium.

Meanwhile, the NCPA said they have not received a complaint regarding the incident as yet. An official said the NCPA will initiate investigations after it receives a complaint.


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