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Three who threatened RMV audit officer arrested

The Colombo Crimes Division yesterday said that three persons from a group which threatened an audit officer with death for having revealed a number of irregularities that have taken place at the Department of Motor Traffic, have been taken into custody.

An audit officer of the Government Audit Sub-Office who had revealed subsequent to an audit, irregularities of eighty two vehicles registered at the Department of Motor Traffic, had been

threatened over the telephone and by certain individuals visiting him at his residence in Veyangoda, with death. This had been stated in a written complaint made to the Inspector General of Police by the Auditor General.

The Police said that the written complaint submitted by the Auditor General to IGP tp investigate the matter and confirm the security further states that, as a result of those threats, the duty and activities of other officials working in the relevant Audit Sub- Office have been severely affected and due to such improper influence in audit activities, the officials engaged in independent audit activities are discouraged and their efforts to secure public resources may be wasted.

According to the Officer-In-Charge of Unit 5 of the Colombo Crimes Division, CI Lalith Ranasinghe who conducted investigations into this incident, the police have succeeded in arresting a female suspect from Kolonnawa and two other suspects from Wariyapola based on detailed reports obtained through court orders, from telephone companies in relation to the relevant phone numbers.

Police also said that another female suspect of this group which had made threats, is due to be

taken into custody soon. The female suspect arrested is 26 years of age while the two male suspects were aged between33 and 38 years.

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