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Unique ID project work begins

Insertion of the personal data of the Sri Lankan citizens into the software relating to Sri Lanka Unique   Digital Identity (SLUDI), which is under construction will begin in 2024, the Director (Development) of the Technology Ministry of Janaka Sampath said.

SLUDI is a biometric backed Digital Identity based on Fingerprint, Facial and Iris recognition introduced by the Technology Ministry together with the Department for Registration of Persons and funded by the Government of India.

The development of the particular software is carried out by the ICTA at a cost of Indian Rupees 3 billion and the progress of the software development is observed and reviewed by a joint management committee consisting of Sri Lankan and Indian representatives, he added.

Once implemented, all local citizens above the age of 15 will possess an SLUDI, which enables the identification of citizens even without the National Identity Card in their possession at any public place, the director further said. The total cost of the project is Rs.12,000 million.


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