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PM challenges Opposition to bring resolution to dissolve House

Says Yahapalana Government caused mess in LG polls

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena yesterday (23) challenged the Opposition, if possible, to bring in a resolution to the  House requesting to dissolve the Parliament. The Premier noted that the Opposition is not doing so because the proposal would not stand a chance.

Speaking during the committee state debate on the budget proposal 2023 in parliament yesterday PM Gunawardena noted that the number of Local Government councillors was made into 8,000 not by the election committee but by the Yahapalana government.

The Premier requested from all political parties and the nation to think about what you can do for the country, not what the country will do for you. He also said that the government was dedicated to protect universal franchise and the democratic parliamentary system.

PM Gunawardena noted, “Now the Opposition is talking about the election.When MPs and places like President’s House, Prime Minister’s office were attacked by the protesters the Opposition did not raise their voice against in parliament. We are elected by the people. The Opposition was silent when terrorism was in action. The protesters were trying to attack parliament. It was not easy to control them. It is in a backdrop like this that we were able to calm things down and take back the control on economy and law and order. The President has given more power to the House by passing the 21st amendment to the Constitution.”

PM Gunawardena said, “The Election Commission is an independent and an efficient Commission. No one should put the blame of the Commission for any delays in the elections. Election delays are caused by the doings of Yahapalana government when it changed the election laws regarding Local Governments. Even the minister who presented the proposal voted against it. It’s the Yahapalana government that caused this mess. Now they are demanding to hold the Local Government election.”

Prime Minister Gunawardena pointed out that election expenses must be reduced and all the Parties should support to do so.

The Premier also denied the Opposition’s allegation that the present government does not have a people’s mandate. “There was a democratic election in this Chamber to appoint a President. The Opposition had its own candidate and we had Ranil Wickremesinghe. He received 134 votes and was elected as the President by a majority of the House. So how can you allege that this government does not have a people’s mandate?”

Prime Minister Gunawardena also said that political vengeance should be given up in order to work together to protect parliamentary democracy and resolve the economic crisis.


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