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Stop agitations, help to revive economy - Welgama

Kalutara District MP Kumara Welgama stated in the Parliament yesterday (23) that he would request all citizens to stop the agitations until about a year or two has passed in order to boost the tourism industry which provides income to the country. 

The MP said that a country cannot be developed through agitation and the country must be peaceful for tourists to come to the country and by bringing tourists to the country, dollars can be earned.

The MP said this while joining the Committee Stage Debate debate on Budget 2023.

“I am glad that the President is here. He came here and solved the problems. It was decided to hold a discussion regarding the distribution of power. In 1948, the President said that among the developed countries of Asia, Japan was the first and Sri Lanka was the second. At that time there was a plantation economy. At that time there were 800,000 families. Of these, 300,000 families were in a very poor condition. There are many people in government institutions.” he said.

He further said that the Parliamentarians should be held accountable for the increase in the number of employees. If these are handed over to the private sector, they should be handed over by reducing the number of employees. The President stated that the loss of 52 government-owned institutions is 86 billion. People who work with information technology have left this country because of the tax. The IT sector is very important. The people in that sector should be protected. Children of this country who go to foreign universities spend more than one crore. Foreign students can be brought to this country and new universities can be established.


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