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IDNs ‘Dot Lanka’ and ‘Dot Illangai’ officially launched in Sri Lanka

Harsha  Wijewardana
Harsha Wijewardana

The Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) ‘Dot Lanka’and ‘Dot Illangai’ were officially launched in Sri Lanka from yesterday (6). Internationalized Domain Names enable people around the world to use domain names in local languages and scripts.

IDNs are formed using characters from different scripts.

According to a Consultant at University of Colombo School of Computing Harsha Wijewardana, these two domains are among the earliest IDNs in the world that were delegated in 2010.

In parallel with this, Sri Lanka’s oldest newspaper company, the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited (Lake House) also launched IDNs for its publications yesterday.

Wijewardana said that it was a special day for the internet history of Sri Lanka and also it was a historic moment for the Lake House.

Meanwhile, he said the internationalized e-mail addresses will also be launched in the near future in parallel with this initiative.

The Senior Director of Stakeholder Engagement for the South Asia region of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Nitin Wali speaking on this occasion said the IDNs initiative is a program that enables the non-English users to use internet without an issue.

Experienced Internet technology and Cyber-security professional Champika Wijayatunga representing ICANN also commented on this occasion.

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