Port City’s artificial beach to open for public soon | Daily News

Port City’s artificial beach to open for public soon

Area comprises restaurants and water activities:
Duty free shops to open by next April:

The artificial beach in the Port City of Colombo will be opened to the public for free before this year’s Christmas Day, Port City sources told the Daily News. Construction of this 1.6 km-long artificial beach has now been completed.

The public will be able to visit and enjoy the entire beach area of 2.1 km in the Port City including the Marina Promenade walking path of 500 meters which was opened to the public on January 10, 2022 and the footbridge.

This artificial beach area comprises restaurants and water activities,sources said.In the Port City, a total of 91 hectares of land has been allocated for public use including 53 acres of green spaces, 2.1 km of beach area and 14 acres for a central park along with walkways, waterways and park-connecting paths. In addition, the construction of the duty free shop area of the Port City has also been completed and the shops are expected to be opened by next April by the investor.

Meanwhile, the Government through the Colombo Municipal Council will spend Rs.879.1 million for the construction of the North and South Sewage system of the Port City in 2023, the Investment Promotion Ministry said.

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