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Drunk CDF personnel arrested for sleeping in neighbour’s bed

The Saliyawewa Police on Saturday arrested a Civil Defense Force (CDF) personnel who reportedly entered a neighbour’s house in an intoxicated state,   while thinking it was his own, and slept on the bed where the house owner, a woman and her daughter were sleeping.

According to the police, the suspect had entered the house through a back door and slept on the side of the bed next to the woman’s 10 year old daughter.

However, both the woman and her daughter who were fast asleep were not aware that a stranger was sleeping in their bed until the next morning.

Police said that the woman had started screaming when she saw the stranger in her bed and the man had had run away.

A Police officer said that the CDF personnel was arrested following a complaint made by the woman to the Police and he admitted that he had made a mistake after getting intoxicated.

The officer said that the husband of the woman was not at home on that day as he was working in a place away from the village.

The CDF personnel has been remanded till December 13 after being produced before the Puttalam Magistrate’s Court.


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