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Errant driver surrenders, apologises to Police

The person who was driving a car in violation of traffic rules and disobeying Police orders to stop near the Delkanda junction at Nugegoda on Wednesday surrendered to the Mirihana police yesterday.

An investigation had been initiated against the suspect Amesh Nimantha after the incident. According to Police, he had apologised to the Police about his behaviour noting that he was mentally distressed on the particular day due to a fight with his wife.

The incident happened on Monday. Police officers who were on traffic duty on High Level Road, observed a car that was driving at high speed without any regard for the lane rules.

Although the Police officers signaled the car to stop, the driver had not heeded the call thus flouting traffic rules. The two traffic Policemen on duty gave chase to the car and stopped it at the Delkanda junction. When the Police officers had questioned the driver about his failure to stop and violation of traffic regulations, the driver started abusing them and stating that he knew people in high places.He had also boasted that he can get the driving license that the officers took delivered to his home.

This drama by the driver which was recorded by a Police officer on his mobile phone has gone viral on social media.




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