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Link Samahan and Samahan SP Balm bring relief to Sri Pada pilgrims

Link Natural has once again come forward to help the pilgrims at Sri Pada by bringing them soothing relief through two of their specialised products, Link Samahan and Samahan SP Balm.

With the commencement of the Sri Pada season on Unduvap Poya Day, thousands of devoted pilgrims from all faiths will be worshiping the holy mountain during the 5-month season that ends on Wesak Poya. To assist these pilgrims, Link natural has setup a Link Samahan and Samahan SP Balm stall called “Samahan relief zone” on the way to the sacred mountain that is fully geared to give away up to 50,000 free cups of Samahan per month during the season.

Additionally, the ‘Samahan relief zone’ also offers Samahan SP Balm where pilgrims can purchase the Balm at discounted prices and also avail themselves to a soothing foot massage on every purchase. After an arduous climb the Samahan SP Balm would provide them with welcome relief for all body aches, especially for the tired feet.

Head of Marketing at Link Natural Romero Linden stated, “The Sri Pada Mountain whatever route one takes, it is known to be one of the toughest climbs in the country that takes a toll on the human body. Once again, we are proud to have been given the chance to bring welcome relief to these devoted pilgrims through our world-class products for aches, pains, and flu Link Samahan and Samahan SP Balm.”

Link Samahan and Samahan SP Balm are two unique products developed at Link Natural R&D Centre and available in convenient formats that suit the busy lifestyles of today’s consumers.

Samahan SP Balm is an herbal balm that provides safe and instant relief for aches and pains in muscles and joints. It is a high-quality product that contains six medicinal herbal ingredients and nine herbal essential oils, specially formulated using modern science and technology to maximize its effectiveness.

Link Natural is a leading exporter of many products to countries around the globe.

The company is guided by the noble philosophy of combining the wisdom of Ayurveda with the latest scientific methods and today’s technology to provide consumers with safe, efficacious, and high-quality herbal healthcare products that enable people to live healthier, longer, and more active lives.


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