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Let’s dedicate ourselves to strengthen local economy

And let us create food security and make stronger parliamentary democracy - Prime Minister

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena, yesterday requested all parties on behalf of the Government and Parliament to join hands in working actively for the development of all sectors, prioritizing food security and the revival of the rural economy. He stated that working towards achieving such, should be done in strategies to strengthen the local economy that affects people’s lives. The Prime Minister stated the above yesterday (05) in Parliament, whilst extending his good wishes to the Speaker and all Members of Parliament.

Sri Lanka, which has enjoyed 91 years of universal suffrage, seeks the support of all Members of Parliament to further advance parliamentary democracy at the time when it is about to celebrate the 75th year of independence the Prime Minister added.

The PM stated that the government, including the President, has taken many measures regarding economic, social, legal and international relations, and has strengthened democracy by allowing criticism. He further highlighted that though there are problems with the cost of living, Parliament should work together to transform this year into a year, where everyone can come together to overcome challenges.

He further stated that the government has taken steps to strengthen the parliamentary committee system, which was a major demand in the past and affirmed that the adoption of the 21st Amendment will proceed accordingly. Furthermore, he stated that the support of all parties is necessary to carry forward the work of the National Council established on the basis of the all-party consensus of the Parliament.

The Prime Minister also stated “ Hon. Speaker, first and foremost, we would like to wish the Hon. Speaker, the Deputy Speaker and all Hon. members on behalf of the government as we meet for the first time of the year 2023.

Furthermore, as per the statements made by the President Ranil Wickremesinghe in Parliament, I wish to express again the desire to work together as a united government and as a parliament to transform these challenges this year, where we can overcome these challenges.

On this occasion, we wish you not only the best wishes for the new year, but let us dedicate ourselves towards building a better country in the face of various challenges. Let us work actively in developmental exercises for all other sectors, giving priority to food security and rural economic revival in particular. We appeal again on behalf of the government, to work hand in hand with the hope of countrymen to rise as a prosperous country in the new year by working within the strategies to strengthen the local economy that affects people's lives.

As our journey towards the celebration of the 75th Independence Day in less than a month this year, we request the support of all Members of Parliament to keep alive the 91 years of universal suffrage continued along with protecting the democratic parliamentary system, the process taken by the people to form governments and decide the course of the governments in Sri Lanka.

Hon. Deputy Speaker, through the crisis that occurred during the last period, Hon. President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s central government has made progress by taking many steps in terms of economic and social upliftment of the law, as well as to build the confidence and strength of the country that should be created internationally.

The democratic society has been strengthened by allowing criticisms and considering criticisms.

There is a belief throughout the country that the month of July, which was in an economic crisis, has been changed and has been created to meet the needs of the people as at today.

There are cost of living issues, burdened by the cost-of-living increase, but we would like to reiterate the trust that the government have to go through the issues together and find solutions for everyone to rise from this challenge.

Also, one of the main demands of that period was that we should change the parliamentary committee system and take a new path. We hope again that the Parliament will work in 2023 to make the committee system established by the government to be maximally effective.

We would like to mention that we expect the cooperation of all parties in the Parliament to actively continue the activities of the committees that have been announced by the Speaker.

Also, the 21st Amendment, which was the subject of great constitutional controversy in the last period, was presented to the Parliament and passed, and the government committed itself to

successfully carry out the measures that should be taken according to the said in the process of creating the necessary laws and provisions for its implementation. For that, I would like to appeal once again to the Parliament that all parties work together with agreement and commitment to act according to the constitution.

Moreover, while emphasizing the need and the support of the government and the opposition to activate the National Council, which was formed by the consensus of the Parliament and all parties, and to represent all the parties, I also wish to mention that we are committed to take action and deliver to build the future of our country and to transform our country's economy into a stronger one. Incidentally discussions have been held internationally, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, as well as the groups that support us, and many countries especially like India, and China.

We hope for the support of all parties to make it a success very soon and at this time we will work for a journey, where all the citizens of the country can overcome the challenge and will build the

future of our country with the cooperation of all Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim citizens. In the midst of the difficulties faced by our country’s farmers, fishermen and our national business community, who are going through the crisis and going through those challenges, as the national community, with the cooperation of the business community, we will work together for additional financial foreign exchange that we can win internationally to win economic production, exports that translate economic strength into a productive future.

As we have promised to the Parliament, I would like to mention again to the Parliament that we will present a very clear course of action according to the schedule for presenting every law agreed by the President in 2023 to the Parliament. In addition to the statement made by the President on this occasion, on behalf of the Parliament, we would like to express our condolences on the passing away of former Pope Benedict XVI.”


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