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Hayleys Fentons ‘a one-stop destination for engineering needs

Contributes to iconic projects - Capitol Twin Peaks

Hayleys Fentons, one of the most trusted engineering companies in Sri Lanka counting over 100 years of experience in delivering world-class engineering solutions.

Today, it has been propelled to become a one-stop destination for all engineering needs from Renewable energy, MEP, security and surveillance, ICT, Facility Management and a diverse portfolio of critical engineering services. Facility Management is one of the key services provided by Hayleys Fentons and since its venture into this particular service, it has contributed to many iconic projects islandwide including the Capitol Twin Peaks apartment complex.

As a leading facility management services provider in the country, Hayleys Fentons offers end-to-end facility management services from infrastructure provisioning, total management of front desk/reception, housekeeping to security services, providing technical support and more. Hayleys Fentons provides services to the country’s leading corporates including government institutions, commercial buildings, residential properties, manufacturing and industrial buildings, hospitals and hotels. Hayleys Fentons has always set high standards as a reliable and trusted company for all engineering requirements.

Fentons Ltd Managing Director Hasith Prematillake said, “We at Hayleys Fentons are equipped with expertise and 30 years of experience in the facility management field that help to take your business to the next level. Staying true to our brand promise, we always maintain high service standards and ensure to provide a high-quality service to our clients. We have already collaborated with some of the country’s largest companies in facility management projects and we aim to expand our service offerings in future.”

Fentons Ltd Director and CEO Sujith De Alwis stated, “At present, large-scale businesses need to focus on facility management services to streamline their business operations. At the same time, the service provider needs to be a trusted and reliable partner. Hayleys Fentons is a highly renowned company, capable of handling all the engineering requirements, which allows our clients to freely focus on their businesses. We are committed to providing best-in-class service and maintaining strong relationships with our clients.”

One of the key strengths of Hayleys Fentons is its highly skilled and qualified team and the expertise it carries in the facility management field. Once a client reaches out with a requirement, the team will swiftly handle the complete process from location inspection to providing recommendations and delivering the completed project on time.

The company pays a high level of attention to the safety and security of the properties and is committed to providing technical support at any given time for its clients. The company also focuses on sustainability aspect and is keen on introducing new practices for energy saving, cost reduction etc. All its facility management projects are aligned with necessary regulatory and compliance requirements and also international standards and best practices in facility management.


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