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Police probe motive behind attempt on businessman’s life

Investigation teams have received information which suggests that the incident where a businessman was shot at while driving his car at Gonapola on the Horana-Colombo main road in the wee hours of yesterday (16) was due to a personal dispute.

The businessman who was injured in the shooting carried out by a person who came on a motorbike, had been admitted to the Horana Hospital with the intervention of local residents.The 36-year-old businessman is a resident of Keselwatta Panadura.

Police say that the bullet hit him in the neck and he haD to undergo minor surgery. While driving his car near the Kumbuna temple, a person who was on a motorbike had overtaken him and asked him to stop saying there was something wrong with his rear wheel.

“When the businessman had got down to see what the problem was, the motorbike rider had pulled out a weapon and fired at him and fled,” Police said.

Two persons who were residing in a nearby house had heard the gunshots and had come to the location.

However, the Police said the businessman had told the two area residents that he was stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle by an unknown person. Police said this comment by the businessman too will be investigated as it seems suspicious.


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