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No need of Ministry letter for A/L admission

Education Ministry officials said that the Ministry will not intervene in the process of enrolling students to the Advanced Level classes, which will commence soon based on the GCE Ordinary Level Examination 2021 results.

Accordingly, letters will not be issued by the Education Ministry instructing principals to admit students who have passed GCE Ordinary Level Examination to the Advanced Level classes in any school.

Schools have been given permission for admitting students through circulars issued by the Education Ministry. Therefore parents are asked not to call over at the Ministry hoping for the Ministry’s consent for admitting their children to Advanced Level streams, especially in popular schools.

The relevant Zonal Education Director of that area can be contacted if any student doesn’t find a school, in which the desired Advanced Level stream is available.

“The Zonal Education Director will arrange a school where the relevant stream is available in the area of their residence,” Education Minister Dr. Susil Premajayantha said.

Meanwhile a new circular for admission of students to intermediate classes (except Grade 1 and 6) of national schools for the year 2023 is to be issued in due course. Accordingly, relevant parties are advised to apply by the commencement of the first school term on March 27, 2023. Until then, letters will not be issued by the Ministry to admit students to national schools for intermediate classes.

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