Excise Dept. conducted 35,381 islandwide raids last year | Daily News

Excise Dept. conducted 35,381 islandwide raids last year

The Excise Department has conducted 35,381 islandwide raids from January 1 to December 31 last year and had seized illegal goods and equipment worth over Rs. 400 million, the Department’s Media Spokesman, Commissioner Kapila Kumarasinghe said.

“A total of 35,381 individuals including 5,060 women were arrested during these raids,” he said.

“The highest number of offences has been committed under the Excise Ordinance while the other offences come under the Poisons, Opium and Dangerous Drug Ordinance, Tobacco Tax Act and the National Dangerous Drug Control Board Act,” he said.

He said the Courts have imposed fines to the value of Rs.129 million on these culprits while the department has earned Rs.164 million as fines through the raids conducted against illicit liquor outlets.

The Excise Department requests the public to contact the department through the Hotline ‘1913’ or on No. 011–2877688 or through e-mail [email protected] to provide details of the excise related offences.


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