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‘Hitumate Jeevithe’ dies?

A person known by his assumed name ‘Hitumate Jeevithe’ who had been in prison for 43 years for killing six people, including a Police Inspector, in connection with an incident of raping and killing his only sister, has died while receiving treatment at the Kalubowila hospital. 

Boralesgamuwa Police is requesting public assistance to locate a guardian or next-of- kin in order to carry out the post-mortem examination. His name is Batugahage Don Sumathipala and he was born in the Kalutara district.He had only one sister and she had won the beauty pageant contest held for the New Year in 1972.

But she had not come home after the victory.Later he had come to know that the then OIC of the Kalutara police had abducted her and taken her somewhere in his car.Later he had come to know that the police officer had taken his sister to a hotel and had raped her.

He had told the media about this even recently.He had said that he had killed the relevant officer who was involved in the rape and murder of his only sister, and that he had been found guilty of the murder of the officer and was ordered to be hanged at the Bogambara prison in 1975.

He had said that while in prison he escaped several times and murdered five others involved in the rape and murder of his sister.

In 1978, his death sentence was commuted when the Government banned the death sentence.It was also reported that he was released in 2018 after being in prison for 43 years and 08 months in 2018 under a Presidential Amnesty and after that he had stayed at a temple in Kuliyapitiya.

He had recently been living in a house in the Boralesgamuwa area and died on January 13 after being admitted to the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital due to an illness.



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