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New Media Solutions wins big at SLIM DIGIS 2.2

Reiterating its creative capabilities and progressive nature, leading homegrown media, brand communications and public relations expert New Media Solutions took home four esteemed awards at the recently held SLIM DIGIS 2.2, for the production of ‘Ledak Giya Durak’, a branded mini-series on YouTube, as well as for its contributions towards executing ‘Unlocking Access To Miraculous Healing’ campaign.

Produced and executed as an extention of Softlogic Life’s 2021 ’Leda Leda’ campaign, New Media Solutions’ efforts were recognized and bestowed with a Silver award for Cross Digital Platform Integration, a Silver award for Best use of Branded Content, a Merit award for Best use of Branded Content, and the company received the Bronze award in the Insurance category for the ‘Unlocking Access To Miraculous Healing’ campaign.

“Today we extend our thanks to the management at Softlogic Life for the opportunity to contribute to these iconic campaigns and SLIM for hosting this esteemed awards program. We are grateful to accept these awards which mark a milestone in New Media Solutions’ journey which ensures excellence in public relations and communications. Despite a challenging few years with the advent of the pandemic and our country’s economic turbulence, I am humble and optimistic, and believe that we are well equipped to continue this streak of touching people’s hearts through creative and innovative ideas for leading brands such as Softlogic Life,” commented New Media Solutions Co-Founder and CEO Nilupa Sanjaya Liyanage.

The successful ethos behind ‘Ledak Giya Durak’ was to cater to an audience currently tense, tired and slowly deprived of hope as the virus rages through the island. The binge-worthy mini-series with 10 episodes that are 10-minutes each depicts the relatable emotional and comedic dynamics of daily life within Sri Lankan families, going through the pandemic-induced lockdown.

For New Media Solutions, this proved the ideal opportunity to showcase its creative flair and contemporary capabilities, which contributed towards marking the first time an insurance brand in Sri Lanka invested this deeply to bring the important message of hope and of keeping dreams alive to people across Sri Lanka.

The ‘Unlocking Access To Miraculous Healing’ campaign saw Softlogic Life venture into realizing and covering local Ayurvedic medications in its insurance covers, in addition to the already covered Western Medicine. New Media Solutions played an important role in executing the campaign, winning positive reception and criticism.

“There is no doubt that our efforts to promote and encourage hope and optimism through ‘Ledak Giya Durak’ and our other prominent campaigns have paid-off, with its great positive reception from both audiences- our viewers, as well as the esteemed panel of judges at the SLIM DIGIS 2.2. Ever since the pandemic we saw people enduring the difficulties of the period, and we have since always worked towards uplifting the spirits of all Sri Lankans, to minimize the adversities of isolation. I would also like to thank the New Media Solutions team for their contributions towards making our visions a reality,” said Softlogic Life Chief marketing officer Kavi Rajapaksha.

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