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Many investment and educational opportunities for Lankans in Canada

Sri Lankans excelling in the glob:
Anthony with her two daughters
Anthony with her two daughters

There are several investment opportunities for Sri Lankan entrepreneurs in Canada and also huge openings for youngsters to study and migrate, says chairperson, Anthony & Associates Professional Corporation, (business law firm) Sri Lankan Born Jullian Devika Anthony.   

Speaking to ‘Daily News Business’ when she was in Sri Lanka to attend the Women in Management Calendar event she said that the investment climate is very friendly for foreigners not only to start big enterprises but even for small investments.   

Anthony having two Associates firms in Mississauga, andScarborough in Toronto for more than 15 years and employing Sri Lankans said that these investments can range from Mini super markets to ICT based companies.   

“The Canadian government even takes an extra effect to provide ‘stating capital’ for entrepreneurs.” She said that Canadian education is very high and expensive but they also allow students to work for a stuffiest number of hours as part time. 

“These students, after completing their studies in Canada, could even seek permanent residency in Canada. However, for this a ‘system of awarding points’ for qualifications before obtaining permanent residence.” 

She recalled she started her career as a lawyer in Sri Lanka and through her experience gained went to Canada. She furthered her education in Canada at the Faculty of Law in Dalhousie University.   

“Just because you are a lawyer there is no chance of becoming a lawyer in Canada. For that, he or she will have to face an examination related to the law of Canada for another two years.”   

Later she began her journey as sole proprietor. “I am a firm believer in having access to justice and have to assist not only clients who qualify for legal-aid but those who come from low-income families who are unable to afford high legal expenses.”   

“According to the law of Canada, only a lawyer who has studied immigration law or an official who has passed the examination has the legal permission to make the necessary arrangements for coordinating this and my company has obtained such permission and we provide them with proper guidance.”   

As a lawyer, part of her job includes ensuring that all clients are aware of every option available to them including exploring routes of settlement avoiding stressful and time consuming litigation. Many professionals like engineers and doctors above the age of 35 in Sri Lanka also think that they could migrate to Canada and seek employment. She also stressed that they too have to face examinations and spend nearly two years for this. 

“Actually Canada discourages migration for people over 35 since the senior citizens are provided huge welfare benefits form the   government.”   

She also said that this year too recognizing Sri Lankan women who have excelled in their careers, professions and businesses in Canada will be hosting the “women in management Canada Women’s awards in Canada. She is also the president of the Canada Sri Lanka Catholic Association of Ontario, taking pride in serving her community not only from the legal aspect, but from the social and spiritual aspect as well.   

Her two daughters Manelki Anthony, (BCOM, LL. B) and Thavisha Anthony, (HBA, LL. B, LL.M) following her mother’s successful footsteps are also involved with Anthony & Associates Professional Corporation.

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