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Dambana Chieftain bars Rathugala leader from contesting for LG Poll

Dambana Veddah Leader Uruwarige Wannilaeththo has asked the Rathugala Veddah Leader Sudha Wannilaeththo who had been preparing to contest for the Madulla Pradeshiya Sabha in the 2023 Local Government Elections, not to do so.

Suda Vanniya said that although it had been decided that leaders of the tribe should not contest the election, and approval had been granted for a junior or someone else to contest, no one else had come forward to do so, and as a result he had requested permission to contest but Wannilaeththo had not given his approval.

Rathugala Aboriginal Leader Sudha Vanniya also had the following to say; No benefit was provided by any government to Rathugala.

There are about 150 families and about 600 votes here. If we contested, we could have obtained about 1,500 votes from the villages of Rathugala, Nilgala, Galgamuwa and Nelliyaddha and most definitely won a division. I was going to present a group for this time’s election but Wannilaeththo refused to give approval.

None of the others came forward. We will contest in future elections. Other parties visit the village only during an election and lie to us and obtain our votes and never come back again until the next election. This cannot be done every day. We too should take on leadership of the country, Sudu Vanniya said.



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