“SL should replace ageing legacy paper-based administrative systems soon” | Daily News

“SL should replace ageing legacy paper-based administrative systems soon”

Kanishka  Liyanage
Kanishka Liyanage

Sri Lanka should soon replace its ageing legacy paper-based administrative systems as it could hugely reduce cost and have a series of other advantages, said InspireX Global USA Chief Growth Officer and DPL Holdings Director Kanishka Liyanage.

Liyanage who was in Sri Lanka recently said that in addition to the cost-benefit, the advantage in storage/backup when replacing paper with data is huge. “This gives a cost reduction, saving time, efficiency and most importantly even reduces corruption due to this transparency.”

He said that sadly the private sector too in Sri Lanka is still going with paper instead of moving to digital. “However I am happy to see that the adoption by the private sector from the public sector towards digitalization is faster and more efficient.”

She observed that the national fuel pass is one area the digitalization provides to be a major success and suggested that in addition to other state sector institutions legal system too could reap similar benefits by moving into an Electronic Court Case Management System (CCMS) which is very common in most of the state is the USA and other European countries.”

“Our company, DPL Holdings Pvt Ltd, also provided an Electronic Court Case Management System (CCMS) proposal for the Department of Justice as well in this regard to replace the legacy paper-based case management by Electronic Case Management System and Document Management System within various court structures within Sri Lanka.”

“DPL Holdings has been in the Case Management System Software business for more than a decade and is one of the key CCMS Software Providers for the Second Largest County (DuPage) in the State of Illinois, USA.”

“Our products are being used as a complete case management system in the lower courts (Circuit Courts). Our Licensed Unified Court System (UCS) is highly customizable to adapt to any case management use-case including Court Case Management, Human Resource Management or any other Case Management System,” he said.

He said that several private companies in the USA are also patronizing their services and they could be contracted at [email protected].

Liyanage said by adopting a CCMS system there would be Court Record Safety. “It will minimize and eventually eliminate the paper usage within the court systems as paper-based case documents are subject to fire, theft and various threats.”

It will also ensure ‘Case Record Security’ and will eliminate loss of crucial data and curb tampering of paper files which may lead to case dropping due to loss of data. “Since the data and paper records are going to be stored electronically, no tampering or modifications may be performed to the original filings.”

“To improve data storing and retrieving for faster execution of rulings by the magistrates as data will be stored electronically; retrieving data will be faster, efficient and reliable.”

As data is electronically stored, making duplicates of the same data is easier than in a paper-based system. The introduction of a system in this regard will help to build Public Confidence and Transparency and will be improving information transparency and accessibility. CCMS can also replace the manual record-keeping process with an electronic record-keeping process and will ensure smooth payment of fines as well. The CCMS can have advantages for Traffic Violations and payments as well.

“The Department of Justice to fund this proposed project can acquire required initial funding for the project through federal budgeting or foreign aid package,” Liyanage added.

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