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‘Queen of Asia’ transaction delayed

The absence of internationally recognised money transferring systems has delayed the completion of the transaction of Euro 1.5 billion relating to the world’s largest natural Corundum Blue Sapphire known as the ‘Queen of Asia’, found in Sri Lanka. 

It was found in Batugedara in the Ratnapura District and was unveiled in December 2021.

This weighs 310 kilogrammes or 1,600,000 Carats.

The owner of the world’s largest natural Corundum Blue Sapphire, Chamila Suranga said if Sri Lanka is able to fix the defects of this nature, the country will be able to sell its natural resources to the world without any disruption. He also said that Sri Lanka has not yet provided a proper valuation to the gems owned by the country, which in turn loses a large amount of money to the country.


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