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Country must stabilise economically before Polls - Minister

Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara yesterday challenged those clamouring for elections to come out and say publicly, whether country’s problems can be solved, by holding LG polls now!. Speaking to the media at the ministry premises in Narahenpita he charged at a time when the country is being stabilized and the economy is being revived with great difficulty, the people who did not have a backbone to take responsibility for the country at the time of need, are using the country’s issues for the sake of narrow political gain.

He added that if anyone thinks the burning problems of the country can be solved through the local government elections, they should come out and say so publicly. The minister further said:“there was a very dangerous situation in the country during May, June and July last year. At the time the country was on fire. We had serious problems. But we took a risk and faced the challenge without hesitation. While working with the President, we have ensured that fuel, gas and medicine queues are a thing of the past. The economy has been strengthened with great difficulty. We have discharged the responsibility that had been entrusted to us. Through the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment we contributed three billion rupees to the Treasury. Thus we have contributed in a very practical manner to the journey of restoring the country.

The Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment with the Ministry accelerated its work. Last year, 312,000 people were sent for employment abroad, and by December, foreign remittances increased to 476.5 million dollars. When some committees got angry and issued reports, and tried to crush officials, we responded by giving three billion rupees to the government Treasury. We showcased our contribution to solving the problems of the country.

In order to protect the democracy of a country, the basic rights of people to have food, water and medicine should be met. That is why we came together at that time to fulfill our responsibility. When the country was in trouble, when it was on fire, when there was no answer, those who were afraid to answer, unable to answer and shied away from accepting responsibility, now say they have the answer. Another group says that they have heavy weapons. But they did not use these heavy weapons when the country was in trouble, when there was no food and drink, when people died in queues. They say heavy weapons have been prepared for the local government elections. It would be great if we could change this country with these elections, with these heavy weapons, with these answers. Can we solve the country’s issues by appointing 8,000 political representatives at the village level?.

We are saying that if there are answers at this time, if there are heavy weapons, join us and work together with us in this difficult time.



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