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France ‘still deeply sexist’, report finds

FRANCE: Five years into the #MeToo movement, French society “remains very sexist in all of its spheres,” a Government-created equality watchdog said in an annual report Monday that also sounded the alarm about double-digit rates of sexual violence reported by women.

The High Council for Equality between Women and Men called for a national “emergency plan” to combat what it described as ”the massive, violent and sometimes lethal consequences” of sexism against women.

In a survey commissioned by the council, one-third of women reported having been badgered by their partners into sexual acts that they didn’t want. Around one in seven of the survey’s women respondents said men had forced sex on them, and a similar number reported having been hit and shoved by their partners, the council said.

The council’s president Sylvie Pierre-Brossolette expressed particular concern about sexism among younger men “bathed in social media, digital (technology), pornography.” She said sexism must be ”fought from the youngest of ages.” The council will present its findings to French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday, she added.

The council’s proposed 10-point plan of action included a call for tougher regulation of online content. Other suggestions included making training against sexism obligatory in workplaces and banning adverts that suggest some children’s toys are for boys and others for girls.

France has made significant progress in some areas. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne is only its second woman to hold the post and Parliament’s Lower House also has its first-ever woman president, Yaël Braun-Pivet, since June.



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