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Police officers must act to curb drug menace - Minister

Meat, fish and vegetables are sent to the homes of certain OICs

“The biggest problem we have is the drug hazard. We have to somehow put a stop to it. I know that certain police officers are connected to this. What should be done initially is to stop any contact with those selling drugs,” Public Security Minister Tiran Alles said.

“Meat and fish are sent to the homes of certain OICs and police officers. Even vegetables are sent. This should be stopped immediately. If you feed your children with stuff from such people it will not be good for them,” he told addressing a conference for OICs and Gazzetted officers of the Sri Lanka police at the Suhurupaya auditorium in Battaramulla on Tuesday.

Minister Alles briefed participants about the assistance given to police officers to raise their standard of welfare and the assistance provided by him on behalf of their duties for the Police Department during the past eight months after taking over the Ministry of Public Security.

“All of you are aware of the environment that prevailed when I took over the ministry. All problems that had to happen had taken place on May 9. It is eight months since I have taken over this Ministry. One thing we first decided upon during these eight months to raise the standard of the police from where they had fallen to,” he said.

He said that prior to taking over this minister he saw on TV how police personnel were scolded and assaulted and how they were dragged away by their uniform. “Then they are chased away like chasing cattle and dogs. The self-confidence of the police had been completely lost. However, I am happy that due to decisions made by the President and myself we were able to restore that self- confidence,” the Minister said.

He said interviews were conducted for the appointment and transfer of OICs.

“You are aware of how OICs were appointed up to now and how their transfers took place. This time, without anyone’s influence, we conducted interviews in the presence of an interview board, allowed a period for appeals to made and then only OICs were appointed. As a result, some persons fell out with me. They were unable to appoint persons they preferred. They were not able to do as they wanted to. But I was of the opinion that all of that should happen.

He said that the OICs who were appointed are aware how they were selected.

“They were appointed not because they brought letters from someone but by facing the interviews correctly and obtaining the required marks.Reports were obtained from Senior DIGs and the performances were evaluated and that is how they were appointed,” the Minister said.

“Now we expect something from you all. The biggest problem that exists in your areas is the drug menace and we have to somehow put a halt to that. We have to spend 24 hours to stop it.

This is a problem that is destroying everyone including our children in this country.” “I am addressing OICs who were newly appointed, the former OICs and all senior officials, if someone sends you a hamper, inquire who sent it to you, first of all. Do not accept it. It will do you no good by accepting them and eating and drinking stuff.”

The Minister said that the underworld is also involved in drugs and it is very active these days. “Everyone in the Western and Southern provinces is aware of this. We discuss these issues all the time. We have to put a stop to these in whatever way possible. The President has said to take any steps that need to be taken and stop this menace. So, we require the support of you all for this purpose,” Minister Alles said.

“Do not have contacts with those selling drugs. If you do that, I will get to know about it. I will obtain support from Intelligence division for all these things. I will look into everything. Do not earn in wrong ways,”he said.

I believe, that if I commit any wrong, it will affect my children, even if it does not have an impact on me. If you love your children, do not earn money unjustly. It is possible, what I am saying is done only by a handful in the police. I request senior officers not to throw parties when they go to inspect police stations. There is no point in having a party with persons who have been gathered together by OICs.

Then the inspection will not take place and there will be no party either. Stop doing such things. You may have heard some people saying that the most number of thieves are found in the police and it is the police who accept bribes. We have to get rid of this notion,” the minister said further.

Inspector General of Police C.D.Wickremaratne explained the responsibilities of Officers-In-Charge and Police Officers.

Head of the State Intelligence Division, Major General Suresh Sallay expressed his views by presenting data on public security.


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