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Gambling den run by grandma raided in Horana

The Anguruwathota Police said that an illegal gambling den run by a woman aged 87 who had used her granddaughter and grandson to keep watch, was raided and seven persons including four males were taken into custody. Cash of Rs. 24,000 together with the suspects as well as the pack of cards was taken into custody by the Police.

The Police said the raid was carried out by the Anguruwathota Police  on a tip-off received by Western Province Intelligence Officers who had been deployed at the Anguruwathota Police Station, that a suspicious activity was taking place in a house at Uduwara, Anguruwathota. When the house was raided, it was possible to see that the old woman who ran the place together with the other suspects were playing cards for money on a mat laid out on the floor of a room of the house. The old woman who was arrested had been severely warned regarding such offences on two occasions by the Magistrate’s Court and that she was a bound suspect, the police said. The suspects are to be produced before the Horana Magistrate’s Court.



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