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G20 International Conference delegates visit Sanchi Stupa Complex

The delegates who participated in the G20 International Conference in India representing many countries visited the Sanchi Stupa Complex, which has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Madhya Pradesh recently.

The Sanchi Shrine is considered to be the only place in the world where the Relics of The Buddha and Sariyuth Mogalan are placed in the same shrine.

Commenting on the visit to the Sacred Sanchi Shrine complex by the G20 delegates, Head of the Sanchi Chethiyagiri temple in India and the Chief Sanghanayaka of Japan Ven. Banagala Upatissa Thera, welcomed the delegates who participated at the G20 Summit to Sanchi.

The international representatives were overwhelmed by the beauty and the ancient history surrounding the carvings and historical importance of the Sanchi Stupa and its Dwara Thoran, the Buddha's teachings, the message of Emperor Ashoka and the manner in which they were built.

Asian Media and Cultural Association (AMCA) Coordinator of Madhya Pradesh Risen District Ambuj Maheshwar said that the foreign delegates were very happy and amazed after seeing the story of The Buddha from Birth to Parinirvana displayed through the use of modern technology like light beams and laser rays at the Sanchi Chaitya Premises.

On this occasion, the international representatives expressed their happiness and joy by naming this holy place as the land of world peace. The Indian archaeological authorities have also organised a classical music concert with the participation of a group of excellent Indian artistes to explain the value of the sacred site to these representatives in a very interesting way.Sir Alexander Cunningham, a former Director-General of the Archaeological Department of India, discovered the remains of Sariyut and Mughal Agrasravaka during an expedition in 1851 in the ruins of Sanchi.

A Sanchi Mahabodhi Relic Exhibition Festival is held annually at the Sanchi Chethiyagiri Maha Vihara built in 1952. Chief Incumbent of the Sanchi Vihara Ven Banagala Wimalatissa Thera and Ven Udugama Thapassi Thera were present.


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