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Minister warns Ice, heroin dealers

‘We will hunt you down’
Says President has given strict orders

If the ice and other drug dealers do not stop selling them with immediate effect, stern action will be taken to stop their activities by any means necessary in coming months, Public Security Minister Tiran Alles said yesterday.

The Minister also said the necessary work to stop the sale of drugs will be started in the next few months with the help of the Police and the STF and it is expected to eliminate the drug menace from the country within this year.

The Minister made these remarks while participating in the press conference held at the Public Security Ministry premises yesterday.

He said his personal view is implementing the death penalty for drug, rape and murder cases and such tough decisions should be taken to curb crime and otherwise, it would be difficult to stop these crimes.

The Minister said that information has been received that drugs are being sold at every junction across the country, thereby destroying their own children as well as the children of society.

The Minister said that the President has given instructions to stop the drug menace by taking any necessary decision. Therefore, I urge the drug dealers to desist from their activities otherwise we will take all possible measures to stop their activities in coming months.

The Minister further said that the underworld operates in conjunction with the drug menace and the people involved in this are given weapons to commit murders, which will result in shootings and killings being carried out from place to place at present.

Information related to drugs or other crimes can be given by calling the phone number 118 and if the public takes steps to give information about drugs and crimes by calling this number without any fear, these crimes can be easily eradicated from society. He urged the media to be vigilant about this hotline.

The Minster emphasized that if the public works together with the Police, crimes in the society can be curbed easily.

Public Security Ministry Secretary Viyani Gunathilake, Immigration and Emigration Department Controller General Harsha Ilukpitiya, Persons Registration Department Commissioner Pradeep Saputhantri, Dangerous Drugs Control Board Chairman Shakya Nanayakkara, Non-Governmental Organizations National Secretariat Director General Sanjeeva Wimalagunaratne and Inspector General C.D. Wickramaratne participated in the press conference.




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