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Fire in Moratuwa

Moratuwa Police said that  yesterday (31) afternoon, a huge fire broke out in a warehouse of Corona  protective clothing, in Rawatawatta, Moratuwa.

The fire broke out at  around 2.50 pm in a two-storey building at 6th Lane, Venerable Dodangoda  Assaji Nahimi Mawatha, Rawatawatte, Moratuwa.

It is said that the owner  lives on the upper floor, and his three children had been there when the fire  broke out, and they were rescued by residents.

With the news of the fire,  16 firemen and four vehicles along with Chief Fire Officer of the Moratuwa  Municipal Council Dulsiri Kumara had reached the spot around 3.20 pm.

It was visible even yesterday  afternoon that the fire brigades, Moratuwa police and residents of the area were  working hard to bring the fire under control.

The building was severely  damaged by the fire, and the Corona protective clothes on the ground floor  were badly burnt.

About 50 employees of the  Department of Health Special Solids Unit were called to help douse the fire. 

A fire officer said that  the cause of the fire has not been ascertained and the owner said that the damage  caused by the fire is over Rs. 25 million.

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