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US to provide additional US$ 30 million

Free lunch to 96,000 children in 850 schools:
Delivery of 770MT of food supplies, vegetable oil:

United States Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland yesterday announced an additional US$ 30 million for the provision of free lunch to 96,000 schoolchildren in 850 government schools. She said that the US has begun the delivery of 770 MT of food supplies and vegetable oil to meet the food security needs of the country.

She said that the US government has provided support worth over US$ 240 milion dollars to Sri Lanka just over a year.

“This is a critical movement of your country.The government is working with the IMF and international creditors to stabilize the economy,”Nuland said at a press conference held in Colombo yesterday evening.

The visiting US Under Secretary said that she held talks with President Ranil Wickremesinghe about the US ongoing support to Sri Lanka.

She also said that the discussion particularly focused on how US can support for the quick conclusion of negotiations with the IMF.

US will be contributing additional US$ 30 million to go towards school lunches for 96,000 students across Sri Lanka in 850 public schools”, she said

Nuland stressed the importance of strengthening the reconciliation good governance and , democracy which includes the proceeding with the Local Government election in March, getting people’s voice across the nation for a stable future and forming a national dialogue for reconciliation, proceeding with a forum with the Prevention of Terrorism Act so that it meets international standards. Nuland said that she met political party leaders representing minority communities whom are holding talking with the government on key issues which include accountability and reconciliation. She has also met Foreign Minister Ali Sabry, Treasury Secretary and Central Bank Governor Dr.Nandalal Weerasinghe yesterday.

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