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Robber puts hand, snatches jewellery from sleeping woman

Police have commenced an extensive investigation to arrest a suspect who opened a window

of a room and snatched two gold chains and three pendants which had been around the neck of the woman owner of the house who was sleeping on a bed with her two children in a house located at Hamburugala Thuduwa in the Uragasmanhandiya Police Division.

The Uragasmanhandiya police said the theft had taken place at about 4.30 am on February 1. It is said that the value of the two gold chains and three pendants stolen was about Rs.800,000.

The bed on which the woman, the owner of the house had been sleeping, had been located near a window. Her husband is working abroad and according to the police she and her three children together with her mother were living in the house.

One child had been sleeping in an adjacent room with the grandmother. The police said that the woman had been sleeping on the bed with her head towards the window.

Police officers noticed that one of the locks on the three-part window where she had been sleeping was broken. When an inquiry was made about this, she had said that the lock had broken about seven months ago. It had become apparent that the window with the lock broken was closed at night by putting a piece of cloth to keep it shut.

The robber had opened this window and reached in and stolen the two gold chains and three pendants the woman was wearing on her. When the gold chain on her neck was being pulled and broken, the woman had woken up and screamed and the robber had fled in the darkness taking the chain and pendants he had stolen.

Although the finger prints division of the police had carried out an inspection, it had not been

possible to find the finger prints of the robber. Then the police had taken steps to use police

sniffer dogs.The police dog had gone to a house about 800 meters away. Police said that this house was occupied by an individual who is strongly addicted to drugs. Subsequent to this incident, he has disappeared from the house.

Police said they suspect this drug addict to be involved in this robbery based on the clue provided by the police dog.

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