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Construction Company supervisor arrested

The supervisor of a Construction Company, who had placed unsafe road blocks that killed a young scientist in a road accident, had been remanded till February 10 after being produced before Horana Magistrate Chandana Kalansuriya.

The victim, Vimukthi Prasad Jayaweera (37), a resident of Gonapala, Kumbuka-East, who had gone to find lotus flowers for a “kiri dana” of his three-month old baby, was killed in a road accident while returning home. He was a scientist at the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC). The remanded supervisor is a resident of Yakkala. The traffic police of the Moragahahena Police told the Court that the investigations revealed that the rubble in the middle of Colombo-Horana road and the unsafe road blocks around it caused the accident. The supervisor was produced before the Court under four counts of charges.


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