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Lost time during COVID in schools will be managed this year - Minister

The Leader of the House, Education Minister Susil Premajayantha told Parliament yesterday (10) that the complexities created and time lost by the children due to the COVID-19 pandemic will be properly managed even in the face of the current economic crisis.

The examinations will be held on time and covering the curriculum will be properly completed by 2024.

Minister Premajayantha said that distribution of uniforms and printing of textbooks will be completed in the next two to three weeks.

The government expects to provide lunch for fifty percent of the school children in the country, the Education Minister also said. At present, lunch is provided for 1.1 mn schoolchildren and it is expected to be doubled, he said Rs. 16.1 bn is allotted to the task, he added.

Minister Susil Premajayant made these observations joining the adjournment debate on the government’s policy statement presented by President Ranil Wickremesinghe last Wednesday.

“According to the Constitution, the President has the power to convene and prorogue the Parliament. The education time of school children in our country was greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.” Minister Premajayantha noted.

“Similar situations occurred in our era. Some universities became torture chambers. Today there is a power outage. In our time there was electricity, but because of the armed organizations, we had to keep the lights off. How much economic damage was done during these periods? Today’s youth do not know about these things. There were queues in our times too. Due to certain decisions taken by the former rulers, the economy collapsed. But there were those who managed the economy so as not to damage the relations with foreign countries.” Minister Premajayantha pointed out.

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