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Gajaman: Sri Lanka's first 3D animated film takes the nation by storm!:

The Hollywood animated movies ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ and‘Hotel Transylvania’,reachingthe next level of movie animation,took the world of cinemagoers by storm. The success of the latter made the makers produce partsTwo and Three of Hotel Transylvania. (A sequel to Tintin is also in the making? A question yet to be answered)

In recent times animated movie genre in Hollywood has evolved into a thriving business to rub shoulders with movies that have real actors in them.

Will sucha genre of films be only loved by the little ones? was the question for many, and the answer was astounding. Marvel movie animation ‘Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse’not only surpassed the popularity gained by all Spiderman movies that had actorsin them but were loved by not only children but also by adults. Segmentation of these animated movies hence would teach a new lesson to marketers.

Age-old cartoon character

In this context, a set of youth in Sri Lanka have worked on bringing into the cinema screen the age-old local cartoon character that is none other than Gajaman. With the full blessings of Camillus Perera,the original creator of the Gajamancartoon, these youths led by the young director Chanaka Perera have taken the task of animating the Gajaman character for the film by the same name.

Though the ‘Gajaman 3D’ film trailer was agonizingly running for a too long period in theatres the enthusiasm of cinemagoers never faded away. Finally, when the film was released it became a hit overnight and is running now successfully in theatres.

The prowess of the clan of youngsters involved in the production has to be commended. They have done a great job by benchmarking with Hollywood expertise to make this 3Danimation comedy film. It is actually a reason to be proud of as a nation to have a young generation with such talent and innovative ideas. Hats off to this young team of professionals!

The technical aspects of the movie are almost flawless. The power-packed screenplay and dialogues with hilarious lines having a touch of folklore bringing much-needed punch to the movie and keeping children and also adults glued to the movie. The background scores, lyrics and songs having that go-getter attitude in them add much value to the product.

There are many attractions in the movie. Apart from Gajaman who is the main character, the Characters of Chuti and Amda add great value prompting applause from the audience. Amda’s reflexes in the movie are unique.

However, the singing legend Sunil Perera’s voice doesn’t seem to sync perfectly with the character of Magodisthuma. The reason maybe Sunil Perera has a bigger-than-life image of himself.

Romancing scenes

Gajaman’s girlfriend Padmi who is Magodis Thuma’s daughter looks similar to Count Dracula’s posh daughter in the Hollywood animation movie ‘Hotel Transylvania’. Casting directors of Gajaman may have done that on purpose as a marketing gimmick which has actually paid dividends. Romancing scenes are choreographed nicely.

The makers of Gajaman seem to know their onions. Hence they would think of bringing in ‘Gajaman 2’ or a very Sri Lankan folklore Horror movie next time around which would open up new markets for Sri Lankan 3D animated films.

The first ever cartoon film in Sri Lanka ‘Dutugemunu’ made by Givantha Arthasad (Dinesh Priyasad’s elder brother) which hit the theatres decades back in 1979 was banned within a few days of its release by the authorities.


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