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Father, three children, hospitalised after taking poison

Gampola Police said that a father residing in Delpitiya Sewanak Colony,

Gampola, gave poison to his three children and he too subsequently consumed poison. All four were admitted to the Gampola Teaching Hospital. A four-year-old boy, and two girls aged 13 and 7 along with their forty-year-old father have been hospitalised.

Gampola police conducting investigations have found that there had been a family dispute between the husband and wife for a long time. The wife had left the house and the three children had been staying with the father. The father who came home last night at around 10 pm poisoned a bottle of soft drinks without the children noticing and made the three children drink it and he then he had gone to his room and consumed the poison with alcohol.

At around 11.30 pm, two of the children and the father had also vomited, and the thirteen-year- old eldest daughter had gone and informed her uncle (elder brother of the father) who lives next door about this.

Later all were admitted to the Gampola Hospital.The bottle of poison was later found inside the house. It has also been revealed during investigations that the husband had been looking at the photos of his wife and children on the bed before taking the poison.

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