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Budget 2022 LIVE

The budget speech was wound up at 4.35 pm. 

4:36pm Line-Houses will be removed. Rs. 500 MN will be allocated for the development of houses for people living in Line-Houses

4:35pm - Micro & Small Businesses need relief and another Rs. 5 BN will be allocated to support for the COVID-19 affected

4:32pm  Proposal to construct Agro Parks in Sri Lanka to increase productivity
4:31pm Special Commodity Tax: The Special Commodity Tax proposed by the 2021 Budget, will apply to goods and services from 2022 January

Price of cigarettes will be increased by Rs. 5 per cigarette. 

4:26pm:  Rs. 7,600 million allocated for graduate employee program. 
4:23pm  Rs.15,000 million allocated to provide relief for low income earning families.
4:20pm Rs.30 billion will be allocated to address the salary anomalies issue faced by teachers and principals
4:18pm - Rs. 200 million to be allocated for sanitary facilities of prison inmates. 
4:16pm Rs. 2,000 million allocated for small irrigation projects. 
4:07pm - Rs. 500 million allocated for public security.
4:06pm - Sri Lanka to be developed as a wellness tourism and event tourism destination.
Rs. 1,500 million allocated to provide relief to private bus owners. 
Rs. 15 million to be allocated for the development of their areas to each MP

3:45pm Rs 15,000 million allocated to ensure uninterrupted drinking water supply

    3:42pm  Rs.2,000 million allocated for Urban Housing Development.

    3:40pm Rs 400 million to be allocated for school van and school bus operators who were affected by COVID pandemic

    3:39pm Rs. 700 million allocated to provide relief to three-wheel drivers who lost income during the pandemic. 

    3:38pm four billion has been allocated to each electorate for development within the locale. This is a landmark announcement by Basil Rajapaksa 

    The budget speech was suspended for ten minutes at 3.37 pm 

    3:36pm Rs.20,000 million allocated for Highways Ministry.
    3:28pm Restructuring policies of the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation to further benefit the people with special focus on Life Assurance & Land related Insurance products.
    3:27pm  Rs. 10000milliion allocated for Batik and handloom manufacturing sector 
    3:26pm - Rs. 5,000 million allocated for development of  agrotechnology.

    Local organic fertilizer to be produced to meet the requirements of the 2022 Maha cultivation season.  

    3:24pm -  Rs. 1,000 million allocated for Fresh milk production

    3:22pm New programme to promote Ayurveda treatment centres and indegenous medicine.

    3:22pm - Frequencies for Radio and television will be given through open bidding.


    3:20pm Petrol allowance to be reduced by 5litres per month for Ministers and State officials

    Regulatory authority to be established for three-wheelers

    3:19pm Advanced knowledge training for migrant workers will be provided.
    3:16pm Eligibility for Member of Parliament pensions to be extended to 10 years from the current 5 years
    3:14pm Introduction of KPIs for government service

    The HS Codes of Sri Lanka Customs to be updated.


    Constructions work of new office buildings in State institutions suspended for two years

    3:08pm Telecommunication network covering the whole island will be established soon.

    Broadband internet connectivity using Fiber Optic technology for all schools island-wide will be provided.


    2:55pm - The retirement age of State sector employees will be extended to 65-years.

    2:45pm- Finance Minister said that telecommunication expenses of the government sector will be reduced by 25%

    2:05pm: Finance Minister commenced the 2022 Budget Speech at the Parliament

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