Companies agree to reduce Urea fertilizer by Rs.7000 | Daily News

Companies agree to reduce Urea fertilizer by Rs.7000

Leading fertilizer companies have agreed to reduce the price of a 50 kg bundle of Urea fertilizer by 7000 rupees in the market, yesterday. A discussion was held with Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera, with the representatives of several companies that import fertilizers to Sri Lanka. The minister requested the representatives to reduce the price of fertilizers sold by these private companies especially since the government is supplying urea to farmers for 10,000 rupees, especially due to the strengthening of the rupee. Accordingly, the representatives agreed to sell a bundle of urea fertilizer, which is currently sold at Rs.18,500 at a price of Rs.11,500.

The Minister also mentioned that the Agriculture Ministry has focused on further reducing the price of a bundle of urea fertilizer that is currently being given to farmers by the Agrarian Development Department.



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