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‘An election at this moment, not a priority’

Conducting an election at this time is not an element that takes the lead in the priority list, Media State Minister Shantha Bandara said.

There are many priority tasks to be implemented immediately at this time, rather than holding an election, he emphasised. He made these remarks while addressing a press conference at the Postal Ministry yesterday. 

State Minister Bandara pointed out that due to proper economic management measures, the rupee value is currently strengthening and that further steps should be taken to strengthen the economy.

Bandara noted that taking proper action at this juncture is more important than holding an election in order not to go back to an economic crisis again.

He added that when the economy is strong, the Opposition’s responsibility is not to pull the government’s leg, but to support the government. He further pointed out that the people are not oppressed, but the country’s economy is strengthened. It is no doubt that through the strikes and agitations, the economy is further weakened. However a people-friendly and country-friendly opposition cannot take such actions, which ruin the economy and bring the country towards a economic bankruptcy.

State Minister Bandara said that President Ranil Wickremesinghe bravely took over the country at a time when the country was in economic and social decline before anyone was reluctant to take over the country.

Accordingly, it is observed that under the leadership of President Wickremesinghe, the country is on the right track and as a result, the country’s economy is gradually strengthening. Bandara pointed out that the people who were afraid to take on responsibilities of the country at that time, are conducting strikes, protests today and obstructing the country’s progress.

However, he pointed out that as the country’s economy strengthens, the Rupee value will strengthen against the dollar and thus inflation will decrease. As the result of this situation the pressure and burden on people will decrease gradually. He emphasized that the Opposition should not destroy the country’s economy anymore.


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