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All fuel prices reduced

CPC, LIOC synchronise:

Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera said fuel prices were reduced from 12 midnight yesterday (29) on the instructions of President Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Accordingly, a liter of Octane 95 petrol has been reduced by 135 rupees and its new price is 375 rupees. A liter of Octane 92 petrol has been reduced by 60 rupees and its new price is 340 rupees.

The price of a liter of auto diesel has been reduced by Rs.80 and its new price is Rs.325. A liter of super diesel has been reduced by Rs.45 and its new price is Rs.465.

A liter of kerosene has also been reduced by 10 rupees and its new price is 295 rupees.

Wijesekera said that the reduction of the fuel price was to be done in the first week of April according to the price formula, but the president instructed him to revise the fuel price immediately considering the sudden crisis situation in the country. In the first week of May, the fuel price will be revised according to the price formula.

The Minister also said that they will provide some relief by paying a part of the loss caused to the distributors who have placed fuel orders before the release of the fuel price revision announcement yesterday (29). The Minister also said fuel will be released on the basis of getting a part of the loss from the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, giving some justice to the dealers who ordered the fuel before the announcement.

The Lanka IOC Company has also revised the fuel prices from last night (29) according to the Ceylon Petroleum Statutory Corporation prices. Accordingly, consumers have the opportunity to obtain fuel from Lanka IOC company’s fuel filling stations at Ceylon Petroleum Corporation’s prices.

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