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Restaurant owner killed in Midigama, contract of Harak Kata

The owner of a restaurant was killed in a shooting that took place on Wednesday night in front of a restaurant located in Kanahena Watta, Midigama.

Sasindu Sandaruwan Dodangoda (32), the owner of the C restaurant succumbed.

Investigations have revealed that the owner of the restaurant, who was sitting on a motorcycle parked in front of his restaurant, had been targeted and shot at with a T-56 weapon.

Police said that the shooter, who came in a Wagon R type car, fled after shooting in the same vehicle.

The owner of this restaurant was shot on December 20, 2021 as well. Investigations have revealed that the shooting had been carried out by Harak Kata’s followers, based on a contract given by Harak Kata.

The gunman had come to carry out the shooting day before yesterday (29) in a car bearing number CAQ-1484. Police said that the car was found abandoned in Imaduwa.

Investigations have also revealed that this car had been hired from a car rental in Matara, four days ago. This car had been rented by a resident of Midigama. Police said that he, together with his wife and two children are currently missing. By now, the police have received information about the places where the car had travelled from the time the car was rented to the time the shooting was carried out and it was abandoned.

Several teams are conducting investigations to identify the shooter and the people involved in the murder and to arrest the suspects.




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